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SEMLA members participate in ‘the 100 Years of Women in Law Ministerial Summit’

Sheekha Saha and Naeema Sajid, founding members of SEMLA, speak at ‘The 100 Years of Women in Law Summit’.

The summit, which took place on 10th June 2019, was designed not only to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women entering the legal profession but also to reflect on the position of women in the legal sector today; what challenges remain and how these can be overcome.

The day long event included:

  • Introduction and welcome by the Chair of the summit, The Rt Hon Dame Elish F Angiolini

  • Keynote Speech by the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC

  • Armchair discussions with Jessica Weir (SYLA), Naeema Sajid and Lady Wise, chaired by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, Angela Grahame, QC

  • Keynote speech by Alison Di Rollo, QC, Solicitor General

  • Presentation on inclusion by Sheekha Saha

  • Presentation on Women in the Workplace by Amanda Jones (Dentons)

A common theme though out the summit was the need for more inclusion and diversity in the legal profession, at all levels, with the focus turning on the type of legal profession we wish to have in the future and how that is attained.

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