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Positive feedback from students about NatWest Group placements

We are happy to report that Rami Jerrow and Amina Tahir have completed their work placements with NatWest Group’s Outsourcing, Technology and IP (OT&IP) in-house legal team.

Amina, a law student at the University of Aberdeen, commented: “It was such an amazing opportunity and it really allowed me to gain an insight to the workings of an in-house legal team in contrast to a private firm where I had previous experience. As a student this was particularly interesting as it opened up my eyes to in house legal teams and how they work, which I didn’t have much information about before. It also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of this particular department especially IP law. Overall, I enjoyed this week immensely and it was a great way for me to develop existing skills and get an insight to a sector that was one of my interests. I am extremely grateful to SEMLA for this experience and cannot thank them enough for organizing this. I also am very thankful to the team at NatWest who made this week enjoyable despite it being all virtual, dedicated their time and offered some great advice and insight. Thank you again SEMLA for this opportunity.”

Rami, also a law student at the University of Aberdeen, commented: “I wish to express my deep gratitude to Usman and SEMLA for facilitating my work experience placement with NatWest Group’s OT&IP In-house Legal Team. My week-long placement contributed immeasurably to my practical understanding of the legal sector. Throughout my week, I also gained insight into the culture of the legal team. For example, I had the opportunity to attend empathy sessions and a monthly catch-up. From my participation in these sessions, I was able to witness the way in which the OT&IP team interact with each other and to contribute to their discussions. They are a lovely team, with extremely talented members.”

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