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Omar Ali and Sheekha Saha host session at Celebrating Inclusion Event and Law Fair

SEMLA’s Omar Ali and Sheekha Saha hosted a special session at the Law Society of Scotland and Lawscot Foundation’s first ever “Celebrating Inclusion Event and Law Fair” which law students from across Scotland had attended by Zoom.

Omar and Sheekha spoke about their careers and the work that SEMLA does aimed at a student audience. Omar commented: “We were delighted to be asked to participate in this event, which is a great opportunity to let prospective lawyers know about the opportunities which exist in the profession. Ethnic minorities have been under-represented in the law in Scotland but a lot of work has been done to address this issue, both within firms and by key organisations. It's good to be able to share our personal experiences with the next generation and help to remove the barriers that exist.”

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